Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Fraser Valley Cider Company

22128 – 16th Avenue, Langley, BC
T: 604-427-3512
E: info@fraservalleycider.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve food?

Yes we have our outdoor pizza oven for some super tasty pizzas and also offer a range of food options, snacks and nibbles.

Do you allow children?

Yes kids are welcome.  We have a soda flight especially designed for our younger customers and there are also a selection of traditional lemonades on offer. 

Do you allow dogs?

We love seeing dogs hang out on our patio (only registered service dogs are allowed inside due to health regulations).  Please just make sure everyone is leashed and follow all the rules of responsible dog ownership.

I’m bringing a group of friends do we need to book?

We don’t take any reservations – all our tables are first come, first served unless you are a cider club member and then you can email the tasting room for a reservation.

Can we tour the cidery?

We’re happy to show you around the cidery if time permits.  Please just ask one of the staff members when you’re there. 

Can we bring our own picnic?

 We ask that you don’t bring your own food to the cidery but take the opportunity to sample the delicious pizzas and cidery snacks instead.

How do we recycle the bottles?

You can recycle your bottles at any recycling depot or re-use them for a home craft project.  We are no longer able to accept bottles at the cidery.

Where can we get the cider if you’re not open?

We are in lots of local liquor stores.  Check out our store locator here. If your local store doesn’t stock us yet, get them to call us!

How do we get to know about events at the cidery?

The best way is to sign up on our mailing list.  You’ll get a monthly e-mail about upcoming events at the cidery and all our event tickets are released to our mailing list first.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

How long does the cider last?

Cider is best drunk the year it is made – we recommend consuming your cider within 3 months.  If a layer of sediment settles in your cider that is normal and is part of the recipe.  In the Honey cider, there is generally more sediment – this is the natural honey that we use just settling out.  Invert the bottle gently before serving to distribute the honey evenly.

Is your cider gluten free?

Yes all of our cider is gluten free. We also have gluten free menu options.

Where to find our cider

Our ciders are available in private liquor stores, restaurants and bars throughout BC. For more information about a store near you,
please visit our Retailer Map.