Full Menu from Fraser Valley Cidery



Ways to Order

½ Flight 240ml Pick 4: $8
Flight 480ml Pick 4: $11
Glass 300ml Pick 1: $8
Bottle 750ml: $13.50 (*$16)

Bone Dry
With a Sparkling effervescence, crisp apple aromas and a zesty finish, our Bone Dry cider slices through thirst. The perfect refreshment after toiling in the orchard on a summer’s afternoon.

Made from traditional heritage cider apples, this English style cider has lots of tannins and plenty of attitude. A cider to grab you by the scruff of the neck for a taste of the Old Country. 7% ABV

Off-dry with an elegant floral bouquet and a big fruity finish this is our go-to cider for all occasions. Our House cider is what all apples want to be when they grow up. 7% ABV

With hints of caramel and the tang of local raspberries, this cider packs a fruity punch. Eminently drinkable we recommend consuming this cider alone – you could Share this with friends, but we doubt you’d want to! 7% ABV

Blackcurrant & Cardamon
Rich and fruity with a hint of cardamon chai, this full bodied off dry cider takes the discerning cider drinker through Summer to fall. Robust enough to enjoy on its own and excellent as a pairing for cheese. 7% ABV

Sweetly sparkling with a floral aroma, redolent of summer hedgerows, this cider is essential sipping for lazy summer afternoons. 7% ABV

Our honey cider balances fruity apple aromas with the slightly spicy notes of wildflower honey from our farm hives. Our bees have done the hard work so you don’t have to. 7% ABV

Seasonal Ciders

$13.50 per 750ml bottle (unless otherwise listed)

Lavender Sour
This isn’t your grandmother’s cider!  Just a breath of lavender combines perfectly with the grapefruit notes in this crisp dry cider. 7% ABV

Grapefruit Ginger
Zingy grapefruit flavours get your tastebuds singing and a long ginger finish leaves a pleasantly warming tingle.  Wake up and attack your day! 7% ABV

Imperial $16
This prince of ciders is crafted from heritage cider apples and has undergone a secondary ferment with honey. Matured for a year and finished in oak bourbon barrels. This cider is strong rich and bold. 11% ABV

Pretty in pink, this summer cider takes full advantage of the bountiful rhubarb crop.  Light, refreshing and with a tart rhubarb twist at the end. 7% ABV

Gin Botanical
Infused with the botanical basket from “Roots and Wings” gin still, this cider picks up a subtle gin flavour. A perfect pick for gin and cider lovers alike. 7% ABV


Camp Brewing Pale Ale 300ml $8

Chaberton Bacchus (white) 175ml $9

 Township 7 Merlot (red) 175ml $9


A 2oz cider cocktail featuring our own ciders and local spirits : $12
Ask your server for the current cider-tail special

Soft Drinks

Soda Flight: $5
Lemonade (Classic – Raspberry – Mango): $4
Callister Craft Soda (Ginger Mint – Hibiscus Lemonade): $4.25
Coffee or Tea (Nespresso – Orange Pekoe – Herbal): $3
Chips: $4

Growler Fills

Take home only

Growler Fill 1.92L: $26
Growler Fill 960ml: $13
FVC Growler 1.92L: $8
FVC Growler 960ml: $7

Ask your server for our current cider tap list.
Prices do not include PST/GST


Pre-order for your next event!

FVC Keg 19.5L: $240

A refundable deposit of $100 is required on all keg orders (to be refunded upon return of empty keg). Ask your server for current flavour availability and wait times.


 Prepared by Chef Adrian Beaty we are pleased to provide a full menu of snacks and light meals.  At weekends, walk up to the Snack Shack to order directly!

Charcuterie or Cheese Box: $18

Contains a selection of meats and cheese from local farm producers which vary from week to week plus home-made pickles and relishes (GF)

Crackers and Breadsticks: $4
Pick a box to pair with charcuterie or dips. GF option available

Cider Mustard: $2,  Take Home 250ml Jar: $5
Made with our House cider.  Perfect for dipping your grilled cheese or to add to your charcuterie 

Popcorn: $8
Made with Adrians house smoked bacon, Klippers Organics apple chips, hazelnuts, sea salt and bourbon caramel (GF)

Hardbite Chips: $4,  Beet Chips: $6
Avocado Lime – Natural – Salt & Vinegar – All Dressed 

Chip Dips: $4.5
Green Onion and Dill or French Onion

Walnuts: $5
Rosemary & Maple Glazed (80 g)

Olives: $3.5
Marinated with garlic, lemon, fennel and Roots and Wings gin.  Beware of the odd stone! (DF) (GF)

Hummus and Tzatziki: $6
A dip duo that goes great with breadsticks!

Chicken Ragout: $10
Local KMS Farms chicken, chickpeas, local veggies in a warm aromatic broth (DF) (GF)

Apple Tarts: $10
Made of puff pastry, caramelized onions, apples and cheddar.  Served warm

Grilled Cheese: $12
A Bread Affair apple bread, house made apple butter and brie cheese

Seasonal Side Salad: $7
Local organic greens, pickled fennel, dried cranberries and honey balsamic dressing.

Cheesecake: $10
Adrians gingersnap cookie base, topped with a cider caramel sauce.

Rocky Point Ice Cream: $6
Salted Caramel – Cookies and Cream – Double Chocolate Raspberry





Sample sizes available. Please ask hostess for assistance.

Crew Neck (Charcoal – Red): $45
Baseball Hat: $25
Hoodie: $55
Touque (Charcoal – Red): $25



FVC Glass Small: $5
FVC Glass Large: $7
Outdoor Glass Holder: $6



Cider Caddy: $40
Limited Edition Cider Caddy:  $45
(Eating Local in The Fraser Valley): $30
FVC Bottle Opener: $5
Glow Worms: $8
Farm Honey: $8


Cutting Boards

Locally Sourced Maple

Extra Large: $45
Large: $40
Medium: $35
Small: $30